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Arabic grammar isn't boring.

Gerald mainly writes about Arabic grammar.

Questions and Answers

Gerald has developed a special technique - he asks simple questions that are often tricky to answer, but are essential for understanding the core of a subject. This makes the book easy to read. You can simply just randomly open a page and start digging.

For NERDS and Normalos.

Hey, you don't have to be a nerd or geek to love Gerald's books. Beginners and advanced learners will get their money's worth.

pochemuchka books

What does pochemuchka mean?

pochemuchka is a Russian word which roughly translates as a person who asks too many questions

What readers say

Fantastic resource for advanced students. I've been stuck at 3/3 ILR in Modern Standard Arabic and really need something to break through. There are no exercises in the book, but there are hundreds if not thousands of incredibly useful examples. I had to adjust a bit initially to the Arabic grammar terms, but I love this book. Finally there is a tool for students who want to move beyond alKitaab or Medina. Break free of the limits you have placed on your Arabic by trying to fit it into your language's grammar structures and embrace the language on its own terms.

C. Townsend
Every serious Arabic learner should get a copy of this -- whenever I have a question the book has an answer to it. I think this book is especially useful to students who have spent more than two years studying Arabic and who wants to understand FusHa grammar inside-out.
Y. Lu

A cornucopia of Arabic grammar terms you will not find any Standard Arabic Grammar book very clearly explained. It is about I'raab or understanding the shape and function of each word in an Arabic sentence. With the knowledge of I'raab and widely available vocabularies of the Quran, you will read the Quran without the need of a translation.

A companion website poses 20 Questions to prominent Arabs and non-Arabs involved in Arabic either authors, diplomats and celebrities about their experience with Arabic. Excellent contribution making you ask for more.


Many books have been written on learning and teaching Arabic Language by orientalists since the early 19th century for English speaking people. Many books have been written by native speakers too but none have succeeded in explaining the nitty- gritty of the language in away that will encourage a student to learn a challenging language like Arabic.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It's very succinct and a great primer for someone who wants a quick and easily digestible book on Islam. The author discusses quirky cases in Islamic practice and law that make this all the more enjoyable. This is a book both regular people and nerds will enjoy.
John H.

Who is behind pochemuchka?

  • Gerald Drißner (Drissner), born 1977, grew up in a mountain village in the Austrian Alps. He is a journalist and writer of narrative nonfiction who is keen on exploring unexpected angles. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany.
  • Gerald has been studying Arabic intensively for more than ten years.
  • Gerald is the author of acclaimed books about Arabic grammar for laymen.
  • Gerald explains Arabic and Islam from an Arabic viewpoint and fills the gaps between the Western and Arab approach.
  • Gerald's books have been praised by Arabic students and scholars. King’s College London: "Recommended for self-study (intermediate Arabic)"
  • Gerald is the author of the blog www.arabic-for-nerds.com
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